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An agency specialized in Motion Design

Our Motion Design agency answers all your animation needs: announce a new service or product, present your brand, tell the story of your company... Digicomstory allows you to "storytell" your communication with Motion Design designed for Digital, your website, your social networks ... or even your events.

Motion design: the essential format for communication

Motion design is a fashion... that will last! The decreasing attention of the public, the increasing competition on content... all this pushes to conceive shorter contents, but also and especially more impactful, more efficient, more "storytelling" to capture those few seconds of attention you are looking for from your customer. At the time of "snack content", Motion Design lends itself perfectly to this new communication environment with its refined aesthetic approach that leaves plenty of room for storytelling, and its short and educational format that allows you to quickly and effectively convey your communication message.

Discover our Motion Design

Nothing better than the example to show you what the agency can do for you in terms of Motion Design. Discover our showreel: a summary of the latest Motion Design made by the agency.

Your Motion Design from A to Z with DIGICOMSTORY agency

The agency accompanies you at all stages of your project: creative concept, storyboard, animation, voice over...

Creative concept

We help you to conceive the creative concept of your Motion Design: articulation of your key messages, theme, tone...


We validate with you the storyboard of your Motion Design board by board before the conception so that you can project yourself in the final rendering of your animation.

Art Direction

We accompany you on the artistic direction of your project: moodboards, trends, color palettes, shapes, graphic styles...


We animate with precision your Motion Design for an exceptional result of details, and a fluid and rhythmic animation which will enchant your audience.

Musical universe

The musical universe is as important as the graphic aspect: it will set the tone of your video. We help you find THE music that fits your identity.

Voice over

Need a voice over for your Motion Design? Digicomstory selects for you the ideal voice and supervises the recording of your voice over.

How much does a motion design cost?

Our agency offers a clear and transparent rate for the realization of your Motion Design: 600€ per 30 seconds of animation. For voice-overs, everything will depend on the voice you select. You don't know how long your Motion Design will take? We can calculate it for you according to your text. Ask us for a custom quote.

Discover a creative agency

A creative team 


Digicomstory is a creative team of video animation professionals. We are constantly on the lookout for design and animation trends to offer you the best in motion design.



... and experienced


Our team has hundreds of hours of video animation experience; and it is this experience that we put at your service for the conception of your Motion Design so that your animation is an unforgettable experience for your audience.

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