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Digicomstory is the Social Ads agency that accompanies you in your advertising campaigns on social networks.  While French people spend more time in front of their smartphones than in front of the TV, Social Media platforms are becoming the channel of choice for advertising.


Social Ads also offer you a whole new way of communicating by allowing you to target your audience very precisely so that each click on your ad pays off. In other words, you don't advertise anymore, you make those who are really interested discover your brand, your products or your services !

The agency for all your Social Ads goals

Social Media platforms can meet all your advertising campaign objectives.


We help you to reach your target audience whether your campaign is international or hyper-local.

  • Notoriety
  • Population coverage

We accompany you in your campaigns with the objective of consideration to engage your target with effectiveness.

  • Traffic
  • Engagement
  • Subscriber acquisition

We manage your conversion campaigns with a single objective: performance.

  • leads
  • conversions
  • e-business

Reach your audience effectively with Social Ads

When you buy advertising space in a magazine, on TV, radio, on the street or in the subway, you are not really sure that all the people who will see your ad are interested in your brand, your products or your services... With Social Ads, it's different: 100% of the people reached correspond exactly to your potential customers.


The targeting proposed by the Social Media platforms by interests, lookalike or retargeting are extremely powerful targeting that brings you the possibility to reach your audience and nothing else.


Our Social Ads agency will help you create custom targeting for your audience.

Your Social Ads campaigns in good hands

We take care of your Social Ads campaigns from A to Z.


Advertising strategy

We help you establish the best advertising strategy: channels, types of campaigns, budget...


Advertising is still advertising, and to succeed, you have to be disruptive, creative... and come up with the advertising that will make a difference.


The writing of your ad is crucial if you want to succeed in your "call to action" and convert your audience's interest in your ad into clicks and "likes" and sales!

Technical deployment

Digicomstory supervises the technical implementation of your campaigns: creation of the advertising account, installation of trackers on your site...

Follow-up & Optimization

Throughout your Social Ads campaigns, your metrics are accurately monitored and campaigns are optimized daily to ensure the best performance.

Return on Investment

We precisely measure the KPIs of your campaigns so that you can better evaluate the performance of your ads.

Your social ads campaigns on all social networks

Digicomstory takes care of your Social Ads campaigns on all social networks so that you can reach your target where it is:

Découvrez une agence Social Ads qui pense Créativité & Performance

Digicomstory vous accompagne sur la conception de vos publicités avec créativité et sur la gestion de vos campagnes avec performance.


La qualité créative de vos publicités est essentielle pour la réussite de vos campagnes. Digicomstory vous accompagne pour créer les meilleures publicités, celles qui vont attirer l'attention de vos publics par leur créativité et générer une action de la part de votre audience.


Chez Digicomstory, la performance est ce qui guide toutes nos actions pour vos campagnes. L'A/B testing est au coeur de notre logiciel pour constamment optimiser vos campagnes pour toujours plus de performances.

Contact us for your Social Ads campaigns

Contact us for your Social Ads campaigns
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