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An agency that thinks strategy for your social media

Digicomstory is an agency specialized in strategic communication on social media. Our job? To advise you on the best way to deploy your presence on social networks to gain notoriety, better engage your audiences and convert even more. That's our mission, but let's detail how we can help you...

Your 360-degree strategy on social networks

Digicomstory accompanies you at all stages of the construction of your strategy for your social media.

Audit of your social networks

We analyze in depth your presence on social networks and those of your competitors to determine your weaknesses and your communication opportunities.

Channel strategy

We help you choose the right Social Media platforms on which to communicate with your targets.

Editorial strategy

We invent the communication topics that you will address every day with your fans on your Social Media platforms.

Social Media Storytelling

We stage your brand on social media in the story you tell to your audience: actantial scheme, tone of voice...

Growth strategy

We grow your communities with bold growth strategies and truly effective growth hacking techniques !

Conversation strategy

We set up for you the strategies of answers which will allow you to converse serenely with your community.

The importance of a good Social Media strategy

Communication is never just an expense item for a brand: it is of course an investment. An investment in brand image, awareness... and ultimately, an investment that aims to grow your organization.


But what happens when the wrong strategic choices are made? For example, when you choose to deploy resources to create a presence on a social network when your audience is not there? When your editorial strategy falls flat and doesn't engage your audiences? Or that you underestimate the importance of the quality regarding your content?


The list is long of communication practices on social networks that don't pay off for companies. In these cases, communication ceases to be an investment and becomes a simple expense. Implementing an intelligent strategy is to ensure the success of your communication on social networks: it is to re(make) communication an investment that pays off for your company.

A unique strategy for your social networks

Because every brand is different, your social media strategy must be unique. As an agency, we help you to make sure that your social media communication actions reflect your brand DNA as closely as possible.

Your Social Media Strategy is in good hands

We are a team of Social Media enthusiasts


We have tens of thousands of hours of experience on an incalculable number of strategic issues that cover all trades and different economic sectors.


Our agency accompanies you on the major social networks: Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube ... as well as on the new ones: Snapchat, TikTok ...


All this experience, we put it at your service to advise you in developing the best Social Media strategy for your brand.

Why choose Digicomstory?

Disruptive social media strategies

At Digicomstory, we believe that the first duty of an agency is to bring you new and disruptive ideas: ideas that will change your communication and will allow you to make the difference on social media.

Our strategies for our clients systematically answer two questions: what are the objectives you are trying to achieve and what do your followers expect from you on social media ? It is at the intersection of these two questions that we "boil" our creativity to "cook" the most creative strategies for you!

Our secret ingredient: Social Media Storytelling !

In the face of information overload, your only way to be heard is to tell the best story!

At Digicomstory, we put Storytelling in all our clients' Social Media communication programs. It's our secret ingredient.

We bring your brand to life by giving it that something that will capture the attention of your audiences. Storytelling is the way to re-create emotion between you and your audience: what brand doesn't want to be loved by its customers?

Contact us for your social media strategy

Contact us for your social media strategy
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