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An agency for your social media strategy

The agency accompanies you in your strategic thinking on Social Media. We bring you answers on the strategic directions to take on social networks so that you achieve your goals.


But we also help you ask the right questions about what social media marketing can bring you.


Want to know more about how we can help you?

Choosing the right social media strategy

Choosing the right Social Media strategy means answering several essential questions to take the right direction, that of success ! 


What are the right social networks to communicate ? How to approach these communication channels ? What editorial strategy to develop ? What tone to use ? What story to tell ? How to grow your subscriber base ? How to interact with your community ?


Social networks offer an incredible opportunity to gain notoriety, develop your brand image, build customer loyalty and increase sales... as long as you take the right strategic direction. Let a Social Media strategy consulting agency like Digicomstory help you grow your Social Media impact.

Your 360-degree Social Media strategy

As an agency, we support you in all aspects of your social media strategy

In-depth audit

Understanding what works and why: this is the first step of a strategic approach. Digicomstory analyzes your Social Media practices in depth.

Competition benchmark

What is the competition doing on social networks ? Benchmarking allows you to learn from your competitors' practices and to better position yourself.

Trend analysis

Social Media is a sector in perpetual growth: new app', new formats, new technologies.... Digicomstory helps you keep your head above water.

Channel strategy

Positioning yourself on the wrong channel means communicating in a vacuum. Digicomstory helps you make the right choices among the social networks of the moment.

Editorial strategy & storytelling

Being present, yes... but you still need to have something interesting to say. We help you define your editorial line, your storytelling and the tone of your speech.

Art direction

You want to be remembered? Do not neglect the artistic approach. Digicomstory designs for you a graphic charter that sticks to the trends and looks like you.

Our method for your Social Media strategy

Our social media strategy agency supports you with a proven methodology that has been used by many clients.

Research & data

Data is the foundation of any strategy: understanding an ecosystem, knowing what your competitors are doing, understanding your customers' behavior on social media. It's all this upstream research work that will make the difference in defining your Social Media strategy.


No effective strategy without creative ideas to give it shape. Giving life to your strategy is also our role. We don't just tell you what to do to deploy on social networks: we provide you with creative ideas to make it happen.

Your Social Media Strategy Team

We think of your brand as if it were our own

At Digicomstory, we think about our clients' social media strategies as if they were our own. We get involved in your project as if we were part of the company: your goals become our goals !


We do not only suggest, we also listen to you

Listening to you is our credo at the agency. Because each Social Media communication issue is unique, we make sure to hear what you have to say to be sure that the construction of your Social Media strategy perfectly meets your needs.

Contact us for your social media strategy

Contact us for your social media strategy
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